Alex Acosta


How did you become one of the worlds best DJs and yet remain humble and approachable?

LOL - all true of course, do not feel inclined to answer - actually just wanted to say hello and looking forward to the next time you are in SF. John and I thought we might make it to LA for the event you mentioned following Folsom in October but we both ended up barely keeping are heads above water we we so busy - me, with school and work and John had a major landscaping project.

Hope to catch up with you soon and thanks for all the great beats.

Take care and travel safely, my friend,

Mark Benjamin - Folsom FlagDaddy

Alex Acosta responded on 07/10/2019

WOW - I should visit this section more often. LOL Thank you for the kind words! And I hope you did catch me the other times I played in SF after that weekend. FYi, coming to Folsom this year again, see you there Mark!

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